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Don’t Try Gas Line Installation Yourself

If you have been thinking about investing in gas service for your home, you may be wondering if this is a DIY job that you can complete on your own. Gas lines may already run into your area, so you think it is just a simple as connecting the line to your home.

But there is a lot more that goes into it, and you really want to have a professional handling this important and potentially dangerous service for you. You can keep reading to learn about why you want to partner with a gas line plumber in Covington, GA. Then, give our team a call to schedule service.

Understanding Gas Line Services

You may think that because you’ve done a few DIY plumbing projects around your home that you know about gas lines. After all, it is a plumber who comes to install and work on gas lines. However, there is a lot that could go wrong in connecting, reconnecting, or even repairing gas lines to your home. 

And when you consider that installation involves placing gas lines that don’t even exist yet, that’s a tall order. You have to know how to turn off the source of the gas during installation, connect all of the gas lines correctly, and then connect to the gas lines to your home appliances. 

Legal Considerations 

In addition to being a tricky project, you also want to consider the legal repercussions of doing gas line work on your own. Your city or county has rules about pulling permits and having the proper credentials when working on gas lines. If you circumvent these steps, you may have to pay fines and have the work completely redone anyway. It’s easy to think that no one will find out, but eventually someone will. 

If you ever decide to sell your house, a complete home inspection and will need to be completed. Your city or county will have previous records showing that your home did not have gas lines and now it does. If there are not records indicating that you had the services completed legally with a permit then you will have to pay to have them redone again.

Safety Consideration 

You also want to consider the safety of your home and family. If you do not complete gas line work correctly and there are leaks, you face fire risks and health hazards. Leaking gas does not have a color or odor, so it can be difficult to identify without experience. Even when you have a professional install your gas lines, you still want to have carbon monoxide detectors around your home that can signal if there is a carbon monoxide leak.

You also want to plan on scheduling annual service for your gas lines so that our team can complete any maintenance necessary to keep them secure. Just like everything else in your home, gas lines can wear down over time and experience problems. But with proper maintenance, you can stay ahead of any problems and prevent interruptions of services and safety hazards to your home and family.

Your Comfort Is OUR Business. Contact the team at Snellville Heating today to schedule an appointment for gas services.

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