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Common Electrical Problems With Heat Pumps

When you invest in any type of appliance for your home, you want to understand any potential problems so you can identify and fix them sooner rather than later. Heat pumps are no different. Even though they are fantastic heating and cooling systems, they do still face some problems across their lifespan.

If you suspect that your heat pump is having electrical problems, you need to call our team and schedule heat pump service in Monroe, GA. You can keep reading to learn more about some of the more common electrical problems we see with heat pumps and what signs to watch out for.

Reversing Valve

It is not uncommon for the reversing valve on your heat pump to experience problems. The reversing valve is what allows your heat pump to switch between heating and cooling modes. As time goes on, this component can wear down and get stuck in one mode or the other. When it is time to change seasons and thermostat settings, your heat pump may remain in one mode, making it appear as though your heat pump is broken. The good news is, replacing the reversing valve is an easy and affordable fix. 


When you think about your heat pump having electrical problems, you may not think about the thermostat. However, the thermostat plays a huge role in how well your heat pump operates. When you change the settings on your thermostat, it sends a signal to your heat pump to increase the temperature, decrease the temperature, or adjust settings between heating and cooling. 

If your thermostat is older, it may have wiring that is going bad. When this happens, your heat pump may not work as it should. Like the reversing valve, thermostat problems are usually inexpensive and easy to fix. In some cases, you need a whole new thermostat. If that is the case, our team can help you choose one that fits your family’s needs.

Circuit Breaker

Tripping the circuit breaker is another time when electrical problems have less to do with your heat pump but still have a major impact. If you trip circuit breakers frequently when operating your heat pump, your heat pump is probably not the problem. Instead, you may have old or faulty wiring that is preventing your heat pump from operating at its best. 

Our team can replace any wiring that is old or upgrade the electrical connections so that the breaker can handle the power of your heat pump. Older homes have electrical systems that are not designed to meet the power needs of today’s appliances and electronics. This is a problem we run into all the time, and it is something we can help with. Keep in mind that if a circuit breaker is a problem for your heat pump, your entire electrical system may need to be upgraded.

Compressor Issues

Unfortunately, if your compressor begins to have problems, that’s a very bad sign for your heat pump. The compressor is one of the largest and most important components in how your heat pump operates to both heat and cool your home. Compressor problems are usually obvious because they make loud noises and can have a major impact on comfort in your home. Your heat pump may not be able to heat or cool your home like you expect. 

When your heat pump is in operation, you may hear loud shrieking or grinding sounds, depending on what is wrong with your compressor. Unfortunately, since the compressor is so expensive to replace, it usually makes more sense to just replace your entire heat pump. The one exception to this rule is if your heat pump is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. In this case, the warranty may cover the cost of replacing your bad compressor.

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