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Let’s Learn About the Sacrificial Anode Rod

Did you know that your water heater needs maintenance just like your air conditioner and other appliances do? If you haven’t scheduled water heater service in Lawrenceville, GA, in the last several years, it’s time to do so now. 

A big part of that maintenance appointment is knowing when it’s time to switch out the sacrificial anode rod inside of your water heater. Skipping out on water heater maintenance can mean that you deal with more problems and even have to replace your water heater sooner – all because of one small component. You can keep reading to learn more what a sacrificial anode rod is and why water heater maintenance is so important.

About the Sacrificial Anode Rod 

The sacrificial anode rod inside of your water heater tank is designed to rust and break down. Just like the name implies, this component sacrifices itself so that your water tank can maintain its integrity. We all know that water against metal equals rust, and yet your water heater tank is made of metal and needs to resist rust. Even with a lining of protection inside, your water heater can still rust over time. 

Enter the sacrificial anode rod. It is usually made up of magnesium or aluminum, which corrodes much quicker than the rest of your water heater tank. This is anode rod rusts, but it doesn’t last forever. You have to replace the anode rod about every three years. Depending on your individual water quality, you may need to replace the rod slightly sooner or it may last a little longer.

The Problem with Rust

Rust is a big deal for your water heater because once it begins developing, there is no stopping it. There is not a way to reverse corrosion or stop rust from spreading. Inside of your water tank begins to rust, that means it’s time to replace your water heater completely with a newer model. But replacing the sacrificial anode rod every three years can extend the life of your water heater so you don’t have to replace it as soon.

The average gas water heater will last for between eight and twelve years, while an electric water heater will last for closer to fifteen years. But with proper care and maintenance, including replacing the sacrificial nose rod, your water heater can last for longer than average. Keep in mind that skipping out on maintenance and not replacing the anode rod can shorten your water heater life span. So instead of lasting for even eight to ten years, you may need to replace the tank sooner.

Water Heater Maintenance

The best way to care for your water heater is to invest in professional maintenance. We recommend that you schedule this service at least once every three years. That way, if the sacrificial anode rod needs to be replaced, we can do so. During the appointment we can also identify any other problems that need to be fixed. Of course, if you have any concerns, you can always schedule an appointment with our team sooner than the three-year mark. 

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