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Air Sealing Services in Snellville, GA

You want to live comfortably. It’s something that we believe you should be able to do. More importantly, it is something that the comfort professionals here at Snellville Heating, Air and Plumbing can actually help you to do. And the fact of the matter is that you may need help to do so—particularly if you want to maximize not just your comfort, but the efficiency with which you attain it.

One of the major enemies of energy efficiency is the air leak. This also just so happens to be one of the most common problems that homeowners may face in their homes. If you are serious about living comfortably without driving up energy costs to undesirable levels, schedule air sealing services in Snellville, GA.

How Does Air Sealing Work?

And why can’t I just do it myself, you may be wondering? Well, the fact is that many of the materials necessary for air sealing may be picked up at a good hardware store. The fact that such materials are available to nonprofessionals does not mean that nonprofessionals will get the same results that the pros will, though.

Some basic air sealing techniques include:

  • Caulking along window frames in order to eliminate drafts.
  • Weatherstripping doorways so that they are accessible without allowing for much heat transfer.
  • Sealing up leaks in the attic, a real problem area that is all too often overlooked by homeowners.

Remember, heat is always going to seek balance. That means that it will try to infiltrate your home during the summer, when you are paying to cool your home. In the winter, as you heat your home, that heat that you’ve paid for will try to escape through gaps in the thermal envelope. That can result in much higher bills, particularly if your attic is leaky, since heat rises.

Signs That Air Sealing Is Necessary

Of course, you are probably not walking around your home with a smoke pen or other testing equipment to pinpoint the source of air leaks in the house. Does this mean that you’re completely in the dark about them, though? Of course not! There are plenty of warning signs that you may notice which can indicate the need for air sealing in Snellville, GA.

  • Increased energy costs throughout the year, covering both heating and cooling.
  • Decreased indoor air quality, due to pollutants entering through air leaks.
  • Hot/cold spots in your home, or palpable drafts anywhere in the house.

If you notice these problems in your home, don’t just ignore them or, worse, crank up the heater or the AC in order to overcome them. That’s just applying a bandage to the symptoms—a pretty expensive bandage, too—without actually curing the root cause of the problem. With our air sealing services, you’ll be able to run your HVAC systems as usual while enjoying much better results.

Live with the Comfort You Deserve

If your HVAC systems are up and running properly, you may figure that you are in good shape. It helps to think of your entire house as a system, though, and those HVAC systems are really just systems within a larger one encompassing your entire residence. Each part of this system, including your home’s construction materials and thermal envelope, needs to pull its own weight! With a properly sealed house, you’ll get the best performance that your home system has to offer.

Your comfort is OUR business.