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How Much Money Is Your Old Water Heater Costing You?

If you have an older water heater, you may be feeling super grateful that it is lasting longer than expected. However, older water heaters may not be serving your needs as well as you think. Even if they are still operating just fine, older water heaters can be extremely inefficient and cost you money every single month on both water and gas or electric bills.

You can give our team a call to schedule a water heater repair in Lawrenceville. We can assess your water heater and let you know if there are any repairs that we can make to improve efficiency. If not, we can make a recommendation for installing a new water heater. You can keep reading to learn more about some of the ways that your water heater is costing you.

High Water Bills

Older water heaters are a problem for a couple of different reasons. First, they are not as efficient to begin with as modern water heaters are. Plus, they have lost some efficiency with age. Your older water heater may be costing you more on your water bills due to an inefficient use of water. It’s also possible that your water heater is sized incorrectly. 

As a result, it doesn’t operate efficiently to heat water and distribute it to your home. For example, you may have an inefficient pipe layout if your home is older. Longer pipes can mean that your water cools down too much before reaching a shower or other area where you are trying to use hot water. It’s also a good idea to check the temperature settings, because settings that are too low or too high can impact how you use water.

High Utility Bills

An inefficient water heater will cost you more on you or utility bills. Water heaters come in both gas and electric models, and both are subject to efficiency problems. As your water heater ages, it may require more gas or electricity to produce the same results. Plus, as we mentioned above, older water heaters are less efficient to begin with. 

If you compare the efficiency of your current older water heater to that of a newer model, you’ll be able to see the potential energy savings that upgrading your water heater can offer. Sure, upgrading your water heater is a large upfront expense. But when you consider the amount of money that you can save monthly on both your utility bills and your water bills, the savings can add up quickly to offset the cost of installation.

Frequent Repairs

Your older water heater may also require frequent repairs. If you’re having to call and schedule service for your water heater over and over again, that’s a red flag. It’s probably time to just go ahead and upgrade your unit to a newer model.

Making a repair here and there isn’t a big deal, but repeated repair needs can indicate that your water heater is having more serious problems. That money is better spent on a brand new water heater that has a warranty and a long lifespan ahead of it. 

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