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When Is a Plumbing Problem a Plumbing EMERGENCY?

burst-pipeWhen you picture a plumbing emergency, you might conjure up a nightmare scenario of water flooding your house from a broken fixture. And, yes, that would definitely count as an emergency plumbing situation! But there are other plumbing problems without such outward flash that also require calling an emergency plumber. 

How can you tell if the plumbing problem you’ve got requires emergency plumbing in Braselton, GA? We can help you with this—and we’re ready to do whatever work you need, 24/7.

If you think it’s an emergency, treat it as one

This is the best general answer for when to consider a plumbing issue to be an emergency. If it feels like an emergency, you might as well treat it as one and call a 24-hour plumber. If it turns out the problem wasn’t as immediate a concern as you thought, you’ll still have it fixed promptly. If it is an emergency, you’ll be happy you didn’t second-guess yourself.

In other words: when in doubt, call the emergency plumber out!

Any problem that creates a flooding risk

Flooding in a house is a nightmare that homeowners hope won’t ever occur to them. Several plumbing problems can create flooding hazards, such as burst pipes or broken fixtures that cause water to cascade out. Although these are alarming, if you know how to shut off the water main to your house, you can stop any further damage or flooding. But you’ll definitely want a plumber out to your home as fast as possible to fix the problem.

Massive water stains on the ceiling

Any time you see a water stain on the ceiling, you need to call for assistance. If it’s on the upper floor, the problem may be with the roof. But when the stain appears on the ceiling of the ground floor, you likely have a plumbing leak. If the stain is extremely large, it’s probably coming from bathroom plumbing. This is an emergency because the amount of water leakage can cause serious structural damage to your house if not fixed right away. 

Drain clogs throughout the house

A single drain clog is annoying but usually won’t feel like a major emergency. Multiple drain clogs appearing at the same time in the house, however, is a warning that something is seriously wrong with the drainage system, likely a sewer line clog or breach. You want this repaired ASAP before sewage starts to back up into the house. 

No water at all

No water in the house? That’s not good! However, in many cases this is a municipal problem and not a household plumbing problem a plumber can fix. Check to see if your neighbors have a similar issue and call the water company to find out how long you can expect to be without water. If the problem isn’t municipal, check the shut-off valve to the house to see if it’s stuck. If that doesn’t solve the issue, you have a plumbing emergency on your hands.

At Snellville Heating, Air and Plumbing, Your Comfort Is OUR Business. Call us for 24/7 emergency plumbing service in Snellville and the surrounding areas.

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