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Signs You May Have an Emergency Problem With Your Sewer Line

water-down-drainYou probably don’t think much about your sewer lines – that is until you have a problem. When something goes wrong with your sewer line, a lot of progress in your home ceases. You can’t wash dishes or clothes, flush toilets, or take showers. If it’s a clog that’s causing an issue, it may be a bigger problem than you can tackle on your own.

If you need an emergency plumber in Athens, GA, our team can help. But what happens when you’re having sewer problems but you’re not sure if the job calls for a professional? Well, that’s actually the best time to call a plumber. You definitely want to get ahead of any plumbing problems before they get worse. We’re highlighting five signs that you have an emergency problem with your sewer. 

Frequent Clogs

Do you find yourself battling minor clogs in one place fairly often? Frequent clogs in one area of your plumbing are a sign that something is wrong. In fact, clogs that happen more than once a month are considered too frequent. Something is causing repeated clogs and needs to be addressed. If not, the problem could get to the point that you can’t fix it on your own. 

Many Clogs at Once

An even bigger red flag is if your home has clogs in different places all at once. This is likely a more significant problem than one persistent clog because the issue is deeper in your plumbing system. If your main plumbing or sewer connections get clogged it can impact every plumbing line in your home. Do your best to turn off running water around your home and let our team of professionals assess the problem.

Slow Draining

You may notice over time that the water drains more slowly from your sink. The change can happen so gradually that you don’t notice it at first. You may not associate this problem with a clog, but it’s possible that the blockage is increasing a little bit at a time.

Drain Odors

It’s no surprise that your household drains can smell from time to time. But if it smells like sewage, something serious may be wrong. Sewage may be backed up into your lines somewhere in the house. If none of your drains are clogged, run water down all of your drains to rinse them out. If that doesn’t work, call a professional. Your sewage lines have a connection called a p-trap that is designed to block sewage, and it may be broken. 

Gurgling Sounds in Your Drain

This problem often goes hand in hand with bad odors coming from your drains. As you rinse water down the drain, listen for a gurgling sound. The water should go down smoothly and without bubbling sounds. Gurgling is another sign that your p-traps are damaged. Continuing to use your plumbing without addressing the problem can lead to backups, clogs, and even damage to your home. 

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