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Things That Might Be Decreasing Your Indoor Air Quality

man-holding-air-filterFall and winter is the time for sickness. School, the office, and every public establishment will become a breeding ground for germs. Of course, your home shouldn’t be anything like that! But that’s not always the case in homes where the air quality is actually worse than the outdoor quality. This often happens because the home is not properly ventilated, or the HVAC system hasn’t been maintained. Allow us to explain.

Not Changing Your Air Filter

One of the most common, but easily preventable, HVAC problems comes from neglecting to change the air filter. Not only can it cause your system to overheat, stop functioning properly, and hamper efficiency, it can even contribute to lower indoor air quality.

Now, to be clear, there are different types of air filters. Some of them are designed specifically to increase indoor air quality. In this case, we’re talking about the one that’s meant to protect your HVAC system from collecting dust and dirt in its sensitive components.

Even so, forgetting to change this filter can affect air quality. Since a dirty air filter will reduce air flow through the system, that means that the air in your home will become stagnant. This encourages odors, moisture, and particles to stay in the same spaces. Odors are annoying but harmless, sure. But something like moisture can encourage the growth of mold or mildew.

Forgetting to Have the Ducts Cleaned and Repaired

You know the ducts. They’re up in the attic, they transport air through the home, they don’t make any noise or have any moving parts and can’t be seen… Unsurprisingly, many homeowners have completely forgotten that the ductwork is a major part of their HVAC system. Yet, the ducts can collect years-worth of dust. A tear or leak in the ductwork can also invite more dust and dirt in!

Having the ducts thoroughly inspected and maintained is essential to maintaining not just indoor air quality, but overall efficiency. While an air filter can easily be changed out by anyone, ductwork requires extensive knowledge and the proper tools. We recommend only letting an indoor air quality expert in Snellville, GA handle it.

Sealing the Home Way Too Tightly

One of the best ways to make your home efficient is by sealing up all the leaks. Any leak is an opportunity for your cooled or heated air to escape. Leaking air becomes synonymous with losing money. Plus, it also helps maintain comfort levels—it helps the home get to the desired temperature much quicker if outdoor air isn’t interfering.

However, this can actually have an adverse effect on your indoor air quality. Essentially, it’s going to trap in all of the contaminants that are circulating through your air! This is especially common in fall and winter when temperatures get colder, as homeowners take to air sealing their home via DIY methods.

Instead, we suggest that you have the air sealing done by a professional. They’ll understand exactly how much of the home needs to be air sealed to improve efficiency and comfort, all without compromising on indoor air quality.

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