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The Dreaded Cold Spots: What to Do

If you’re turning your heat on for the fall and winter season, only to realize that your home has cold spots that never get as warm as the rest of your home, now is the time to do something about it. Putting off service will only mean that you have to deal with cold spots for even longer into the season.

Uneven heating in your house in Monroe, GA doesn’t have to be something you just deal with. Instead, our team can fix the problem so that your home is heated evenly all season long. You can keep reading to learn more about what causes cold spots and what we can do about it.

Open Air Vents

One common reason to have a cold spot in your house is that an air vent is closed so no heat is blowing into the room. Maybe you closed the vent and forgot about it, or maybe it got closed by accident. It’s also possible that you have furniture that is blocking an air vent and preventing air from blowing into the room. Experts recommend that you allow a minimum of three feet of space around each air vent for adequate airflow. 

If your air vents are on the floor, never place furniture directly on top of them. If you have very tall furniture that reaches near your ceiling, pay attention to that placement as well. Never close your air vents in an attempt to redirect airflow through your home. If you’re having issues with cold spots, give our team a call and let us help you troubleshoot the problem instead.

Check Ductwork

When you schedule an appointment with our team, one of the first places we will check is your ductwork. Having heat in your home indicates that your heater is functioning just fine. The issue is the cold spots around your home. Sometimes there can be a blockage in your ductwork, or maybe your ductwork is not laid out as efficiently as it could be. If air is not able to channel through your ductwork effectively, it can result in heat getting trapped instead of reaching the walls of your home. 

It could also be that your ductwork has a fantastic layout, but the seals are broken and individual pieces of ductwork have holes. When this happens, heat is escaping into your attic or basement before it ever has a chance to blow into your home. It’s possible that you have holes in only one single section of your ductwork, creating a cold spot in a single area where your home does not receive heat.

Maximize Heating

We can also talk to you about ways to maximize your heating. If you do not have well-sealed windows and doors, heat may be escaping in certain areas of your home. By replacing these seals, you can elevate your comfort as well as lowering your energy costs. When your home doesn’t get as warm as you set on the thermostat, your heater is going to turn on more frequently and stay on longer in an attempt to keep your home and family warm.

Your Comfort Is OUR Business. Contact the team at Snellville Heating today to schedule an appointment for heating service.

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