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Is There a Problem With Your Ignition?

There are all sorts of potential furnace problems. When you notice any unusual sounds or something else going wrong with your furnace, the possibilities may seem endless. Knowing what to watch for can help you identify specific problems with your furnace and stay ahead of a future breakdown.

For example, ignition problems have unique signs that you can identify. When you think that something is wrong with your furnace ignition, it’s time to call our team and schedule furnace repair in Athens, GA. You can keep reading to learn more about what happens when you have ignition problems inside of your furnace.

Change Your Air Filter

Sometimes ignition problems aren’t really ignition problems. Instead, there are other factors within your heater that are impacting the ability of your ignition to light a flame. One of these factors is the air filter. If there’s not adequate airflow into your heater, the ignition won’t light. 

The first place to check when you’re considering airflow is the air filter. If the filter becomes too clogged up with dust particles it blocks airflow leading into your heater. Change out the old air filter for a new one and see if that helps. If not, move onto the next steps or give our team a call to schedule service.

Check the Thermostat

Even if you think the settings on your thermostat are correct, it’s always a good idea to double check them. If someone bumps the thermostat and changes the settings accidentally, it may prevent your furnace’s ignition from lighting.

Reset the Circuit Breaker

While it should not happen regularly, it is possible that your furnace tripped the circuit breaker and no longer has power. You can check your circuit breaker panel and see if the breaker is flipped. If it’s not, you can turn it off and back on again to see if that makes a difference. 

Keep in mind that if your furnace is tripping the circuit breaker frequently, that’s a bigger problem. You may need to have your electrical panel upgraded to meet the power needs of your furnace and other appliances around your home. Otherwise you risk fire hazards from overloading the panel. 

Lack of Gas

The flame in the chamber will only light when gas is released for combustion. If there is an issue with the gas line then the ignition may not happen when it should. You want to make sure you hire a certified gas line plumber to check out your gas lines because not just anyone can work on gas lines and gas appliances. Our team is here to help with this, too.

Flame Sensor

There is also a chance that the flame sensor is not working correctly and needs to be cleaned off or replaced. The flame sensor is a safety mechanism that helps to ensure the furnace flame only ignites at the appropriate time. But if the sensor is broken, it may not ignite at all.

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