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3 Common Problems With Heat Pumps

There is no doubt that heat pumps are fantastic systems for maintaining a comfortable environment in your home. But like all household appliances, they do come with the potential for problems. The good news is, when you know what to expect you can stay ahead of heat pump issues.

You can keep reading to learn more about three common heat pump problems and how you can identify them early to stay ahead of a major repair or breakdown. Then, give our team a call for heat pump repair in Covington, GA, if you do you have any concerns about your system.

Stuck Reversing Valve

One of the most common problems for a heat pump is that the reversing valve gets stuck. The reversing valve is what allows your heat pump to alternate between heating and cooling using the same components. When you switch your thermostat from heating to cooling or vice versa, that signals for your heat pump to do the same with the reversing valve. 

However, sometimes the reversing valve gets stuck, and cannot switch between modes. The good news is, this is usually an easy fix. Most of the time the reversing valve gets stuck in older heat pumps after the part wears down from use and age. Our team can replace the reversing valve and get your heat pump working like new again.

Running Constantly

Just like other air conditioners, your heat pump should run in cycles to cool your home. After running for 15 or 20 minutes, your heat pump should cycle off until it’s time to cool your home again in another 15 or 20 minutes. If your heat pump is turning on and off too frequently or running nonstop without turning off, that’s a bad sign. 

Something is wrong inside of the system that is not allowing it to cool your home effectively. As a result, your indoor air temperature is not reached, and your heat pump stays on in an effort to cool your home. Our team can troubleshoot to determine what the problem is and fix it. You may be tempted to ignore this problem if your home is still comfortable, but doing so adds a lot of strain to your heat pump. 

Frozen Coils

The other common problem that we see in heat pumps is frozen coils. This could be due to a refrigerant leak or a lack of airflow. You may think that the frozen coils are a problem, but they are actually the result of a problem deeper in your system. If you have a refrigerant leak or a lack of airflow, the condenser coils get too cold and allows ice to develop.

You may think that this ice is helping your home get even cooler, but that is not the case. Instead, the ice is actually blocking your AC from being able to cool effectively. Plus, when the ice melts it well leak out and cause damage to the surrounding areas of your air conditioner and home. 

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