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Why You’ve Got a Leaky Kitchen Sink

water-down-drainIf you’ve looked at the cabinet underneath your kitchen sink and discovered water damage or water pooling, then you’ve got a plumbing problem. It may be something simple, or you may need to call upon the help of an experienced plumber in Conyers, GA. Leaks in sinks can happen for a range of reasons, and finding out the source of your leaking sink can be tricky. Below we’ll look at the leading causes of a leaky kitchen sink, but you may need a plumber to make the correct diagnosis.

Leaks around the drain

A common reason for water to leak below the kitchen sink is the drain of the sink itself is leaky. The drain is secured to the sink with plumber’s putty to create a watertight seal. However, this seal can decay over time, or the drain itself may develop heavy corrosion that will make it leak. In some situations, a poor installation resulted in the drain not having enough putty to begin with. Depending on the severity of the issue, you may need a plumber to do a full drain replacement.

Leaky p-trap

This is often the first place people look for drain leaks: the actual drain pipe attached to the drain. This piece of piping is known as the p-trap because its curved shape gives the pipe section the shape of the letter “p.” The p-trap prevents sewer gases from coming back up the drainpipe by trapping water in its curved section. The p-trap can decay and its connection point come loose, leading to leaking. Even a clogged p-trap can cause leaks to occur. In most cases, the best option is to have a professional plumber replace the p-trap. 

Loose water supply connections

If you can see water continually dripping down from the sink, even when you aren’t running any water down the drain, the problem is likely with the connections of the water supply lines. Most sinks have a hot and cold water supply line. Their connections can corrode or develop failed gaskets, leading to consistent leaking. A plumber can see if the connection needs to be replaced or if putting in new gaskets will solve the problem. 

Damaged garbage disposal 

If you notice that water seems to be dripping from the garbage disposal, then the problem is likely that the disposal is damaged. This can happen due to disposal age (most garbage disposals will last for 10 to 15 years) or because the disposal is loose and its own vibrations have started to damage it. The disposal can also come loose from its attachment to the sink, allowing water to seep around the sides.

Leak in a reverse osmosis system

This only applies if you have a reverse osmosis system to purify the water at your kitchen sink. You can usually have an RO system installed and not think about it for a long time. But eventually, it will wear out, and leaks at its hoses or connections can lead to water under the sink. For an older RO system, it’s best to have a plumber replace it.

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