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Drain Unclogging Methods You Can (And Cannot) Use

bubbling-drainNo one can escape a drain clog in their house forever. This is one of those routine irritants that pop up from time to time, no matter how well you take care of your household plumbing.

When you face a clogged drain or a slow drain—so slow it might as well be a complete clog—what can you do? There are several methods to unclog a drain you can attempt. And some you shouldn’t. We’ll go through them as steps. Follow along, and we’ll see if we can open up that drain again.

The Plunger

You probably thought of this first. It’s the classic method, and most homes have at least one plunger handy in case of clogs. There are two different types: the standard plunger and the toilet plunger. The toilet plunger has a flange extension on it for a better seal. When you use a plunger of either type, press down with steady pressure, not fast jabs, as this is most effective at creating the air or water pressure inside the drain to push the clog along.

The Drain Snake

Also known as the drain auger, this is a simple tool you can insert down into the drain and rotate with a hand crank. The movement of the snake can drill through some obstructions and break apart others. However, a drain snake is often only a temporary solution, since it probably won’t remove all of the clog. You may need professional drain cleaning in the future.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

This is one of the old home remedies for clogs, and it sometimes works—although if the plunger or drain snake don’t work, we wouldn’t put much hope in it. Mix baking soda and vinegar together, pour down the drain, then wait fifteen minutes. Then pour a bucket of water down the drain to see if it will force out the clog.

Store-Bought Drain Cleaners – DO NOT USE!

This is a straight no. The problem is people often think of using these drain cleaners from the store first—and that’s because of effective advertising by manufacturers. The truth is that no professional plumber recommends using these caustic chemicals on drains.  They are highly acidic and can damage the pipes, and they remain in the drains long after they’re poured down them. They also don’t work too well, only getting through a bit of a clog and leaving most of it behind. On top of it all, they’re super-toxic and can burn your skin. 

Call Professionals for Drain Cleaning – BEST CHOICE

This is a method that’s guaranteed to work, no matter how tough the clog! Skip those chemicals (honestly, you can skip the vinegar and baking soda too) and call us for expert plumbing in Covington, GA. We use the best tools to remove clogs without causing any damage to drains. Best of all, we thoroughly remove clogs with drain cleaning that makes it hard for any clogs to start up again. We’ll leave your drains in “like new” condition.

At Snellville Heating, Air and Plumbing, “Your Comfort Is OUR Business”! Call us for drain cleaning and we’ll take care of that clog.

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