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October Is (Unofficial) Maintain Your Heating System Month!

service-marker-blueWe are making the special announcement on the first week of October 2020 that this month is now “Maintain Your Heating System Month”! This is the month when we spread awareness of how important regular fall heating maintenance is for your Conyers, GA, HVAC system and encourage you to sign up for our maintenance program, the Comfort Club. There is no better way to make October useful and the coming winter comfortable and relaxing than to have our technicians come out to your house and inspect and tune-up your heating system.

Why Fall Heating Maintenance Is So Important

You rely a great deal on your home’s furnace or other heating system during the winter. We may not get bone-chilling Midwestern winters in Georgia, but our homes still need a defense against the cold. Without routine maintenance, that defense is a lot shakier and much more is at risk.

When you have a professional maintain your heating system in fall before the cold weather arrives, you’ll benefit in multiple ways:

  • Reduced chance of a breakdown: Just as getting a vehicle tuned-up and its oil changed before a long road trip significantly lowers the chance it will break down during the journey, having your heater maintained makes it less likely it will fail on you during one of the coldest days of the year.
  • Fewer repairs: The majority of repairs a heating system may need during its service life are preventable. All it takes is annual professional maintenance! That’s money and time you’ll end up saving.
  • Longer service life: Lack of maintenance will cause a heater to wear down faster, and this can mean it needs to be replaced years too early. In fact, an unmaintained heating system may only make it to half its manufacturer’s estimated service life. A furnace you expect to work for 20 years may need to be replaced after only 10! With maintenance, you’ll receive many more years of comfort.
  • Higher energy efficiency: Maintenance prevents you from paying more to run your heating system than necessary. The stress on a heater will cause it to drain power and raise operating costs, but maintenance will let it keep 95% of its efficiency rating through most of its service life.
  • Warranty protection: The warranty on your heater may be voided if the system isn’t professionally maintained. Losing the warranty can mean having to pay for repairs due to a manufacturer’s fault that would otherwise have been covered.
  • Safety: For gas-powered furnaces, maintenance is essential to ensure the system is running at its safest.

The Comfort Club

When you join the Comfort Club, you’ll receive a regular tune-up and inspection for your heater in the fall. Our technicians will do a thorough job of checking on your heater and taking care of important tasks like lubricating moving parts, testing safety controls, inspecting the heat exchanger for cracks, and cleaning/adjusting the blower components as needed.

The Comfort Club also comes with other benefits: priority customer service, 24/7 emergency service with no overtime charges, and assurance pricing with a 20% discount on repairs. Contact us for more details and to schedule your heating maintenance.

Call Snellville Heating, Air and Plumbing to schedule maintenance for your heating system. Your Comfort Is OUR Business!

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