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The Air Conditioner Cleanse: Detox Your Air Circulation

young-woman-enjoying-her-superior-indoor-air-qualityOver the last few years, detox and cleanse diets have been all the rage. The basic idea is that by forcefully flushing toxins from your body, you’ll feel cleaner, have more energy, and increase general well-being.

We decided to jump on the bandwagon with our own cleanse that will detoxify the air circulating around your home. Read on to find out about our strategy for cleaning your ducts, bringing fresh air into your home, and even boosting your immunity.

1. Detox Your Ducts

Ducts are the arteries that bring air to the rest of your home. The first part of our cleanse is to get those ducts cleaned. A little bit of dust in the air ducts is natural, but several years of accumulation can be a problem. Plus, if humidity and moisture are added to the mix, it can promote the growth of mildew and mold. Overall, clean ducts mean a better quality of life.

Next, after your ducts have been cleaned and cleared for any dust and mold, you’ll want to get them sealed. The first reason is crucial to our detox. Leaks and holes in the ductwork can actively pull in dirt, dust, and other contaminants, thus defeating the purpose for our duct cleaning!

The second reason is simply for efficiency. Up to 30% of air can be lost through the air ducts, and that’s terribly inefficient. Luckily, leaks shouldn’t be too common if your system is only a few years old, but it won’t hurt to have them checked during your cleaning.

2. In With the Good, Out With the Bad

Next, you need to actively be exchanging stale air with fresh air. If you don’t fill up on good nutrients after a cleanse, then won’t that just defeat the purpose of the cleanse?

You don’t want to do this by opening the windows and letting in warm air. That would actually be inefficient, forcing your AC to work longer to compensate for that new air you’re letting in.

However, heat and energy recovery ventilators were designed specifically with this issue in mind. These ventilators actively pull in fresh air and push out the old air, all while doing it at the highest level of efficiency. For increasing indoor air quality with the least amount of extra energy, ERV and HRVs are your best option.

3. Boost Your Immunity

Finally, now that your system is cleansed and pulling in fresh air, you’ll want to bolster your air conditioner’s immune system. How? With air purifiers!

There are several kinds of air purifiers and filters, and the kind you need most will depend largely on the kind of contaminants found in your home. An indoor air quality expert in Snellville, GA can help you with this by testing the air.

In general, these devices will remove contaminants in all categories, such as chemical, dirt, pet dander, germs, and more. Although any filter or purifier can remove your usual batch of contaminants, a UV air purifier will target the microorganisms that put your family at risk of illness.

Indoor air quality isn’t just a fad, it’s for life. Contact Snellville Heating, Air and Plumbing today to speak with an expert on air quality.



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