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It’s Officially Spring—Time for Regular AC Maintenance

air-conditioner-with-maintenance-toolsThis week, we officially welcome spring. That doesn’t mean we welcome spring weather permanently since early spring often has temper tantrums with abrupt cold snaps. But spring does mark an important shift in our homes and how we think about them for the coming middle of the year. For HVAC professionals, this is the season when we help our customers with the important job of routine air conditioning maintenance inspections and tune-ups.

AC Maintenance Is an Annual Job

We always stress with our customers that air conditioning maintenance must be done each year. We understand that people often forget about AC maintenance in the middle of the hundred other things they have to get done during spring (taxes come to mind…) and that some homeowners may not see maintenance as that essential. Not on a yearly basis, anyway.

But air conditioning maintenance is not only an important annual job, but it’s also one of the most important services we offer our customers! Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure a reliable air conditioning system has a long service life and fewer repair needs. Essentially, by doing maintenance, we’re reducing the number of times you’ll need us for other tasks. That may not sound like a good business model, but keeping our customers happy with great comfort is our first priority—and maintenance is the best way to achieve that.

The Ways Maintenance Pays You Back

Regular maintenance is an investment in your HVAC equipment that will start to pay you back almost immediately. The long-term paybacks are even more impressive. Here is how you can expect regular AC tune-ups and inspections to reward you:

  • Fewer repair bills: Maintenance can prevent more than 50% of the repairs an AC system might otherwise require during its service life. That’s a lot of money you can keep rather than spending on fixing the AC.
  • Longer system life: Do you know what’s an expensive “repair” for an AC? Having to replace the whole unit years too early. Without regular maintenance, an air conditioner’s lifespan will start to drop. Rather than last 15 years, you may have to replace the AC after only eight. 
  • High energy efficiency: The energy efficiency of current air conditioners is higher than ever before, reducing how much electricity you need to use to stay cool. Maintenance will keep the efficiency high for most of your AC’s life. Without maintenance, efficiency will keep dropping year after year, and your bills will rise and rise each summer.
  • Keep the warranty in place: The equipment warranty on your AC protects you in case of a factory fault so you won’t have to pay for the parts. But lack of maintenance can void the warranty—and those repairs will suddenly turn very costly. 

Join Our Comfort Club

The best to have great AC maintenance in Snellville, GA is to sign up for our Comfort Club. This is our all-in-one maintenance program to keep your HVAC system (heater included) in the best shape. Membership comes with extra benefits as well: call us today to learn more.

At Snellville Heating, Air and Plumbing, Your Comfort Is OUR Business. Call us today to schedule your appointment for air conditioning maintenance for spring.

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