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Refrigerant Leaks Are Bad News

There are a lot of things that could go wrong with your air conditioner, but a refrigerant leak is perhaps one of the worst. Refrigerant leaks can impact your air conditioner, home and family in a variety of ways.

If you think that you have a refrigerant leak, then you need AC repair in Covington, GA. You can keep reading to learn more about how to identify refrigerant leaks and why they are so dangerous for your home and family. 

Signs of a Refrigerant Leak

The most obvious sign of a refrigerant leak is a lack of cold air blowing from your vents. You can hold your hand up to any vent in your home while the air conditioner is on and you should feel a strong stream of cold air. If the air feels lukewarm, that’s a good indication that your refrigerant line has a leak.

You can also pay attention to unusual sounds, I’ll like hissing or gurgling. Your refrigerant goes back and forth between being a gas and a liquid, depending on where it is in the line during the cooling process. If there is a leak in the line where the refrigerant is in its gas form, you will hear a hissing sound.

If there is a leak in the line where the refrigerant is and it’s in liquid form, you will hear a gurgling or bubbling sound. Keep in mind that there are other problems in your air conditioner that can also make the same or similar sounds. But it is always a good idea to get unusual sounds checked out because they usually indicate that there is some sort of problem. 

The Danger of a Refrigerant Leak for Your AC

If refrigerant leaks out of the lines, it can damage the surrounding areas. If the leak goes on for too long, you may be left with a much more expensive repair. You don’t just have to repair the lines where you have a leak, but you also have to recharge the refrigerant and repair any damage caused by the refrigerant.

Losing refrigerant can also mean more wear and tear for your air conditioner. Even with a refrigerant leak, your air conditioner is still operating and blowing air into your home. Since it is not producing the results, it will continue running, and even work harder to try and call your home down. This can increase your energy costs and put a lot of strain on the other parts of your air conditioner.

The Danger of a Refrigerant Leak for Your Family

Refrigerant is dangerous for a couple of reasons. If you breathe it in, it can make you sick. Keep in mind that refrigerant is usually not fatal, but it can still have negative effects. Breathing in refrigerant can make you feel nauseous, dizzy, and have sinus problems, like inflammation. If liquid refrigerant gets on your skin, it can burn you. If you suspect that you have a refrigerant leak, do not attempt to check it out or repair it yourself. Instead, turn off your air conditioner, keep your children and pets away from the unit, and give us a call. 

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