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Warning Sounds From Your AC—Watch Out for These!

woman-covering-earsIt would be much easier for you during the summer if you had an air conditioning system that could communicate with you exactly when something was wrong with it, what it was, and what steps need to be taken. Maybe one day we’ll have fully AI-driven air conditioners that will do this. Until then, we have to accept the warning signs an air conditioner can give us. One of the most obvious and easy-to-read signs is strange noises coming from the AC cabinets.

The standard sounds that come from an AC are the whooshing of air through the vents and the hum of the fan and compressor motors. You’ll hear an occasional drip of water as the system removes condensate moisture. If you hear other sounds, you may have a repair problem.

Here are some of the more common noises that indicate something is up:

  • Rattling: Often rattling means the door of the AC cabinet is loose. You can check to see that it’s latched right. If this isn’t the source, this rattling might mean the cabinet is loose on the floor or detached from the slab, or there are loose parts inside the blower.
  • Clicking: This is a sound you’ll probably hear coming from the outdoor cabinet (the condenser). This is often a warning there’s a capacitor starting to go bad, which will soon mean the fan or condenser will stop working. If the AC is hard-starting, it’s time to call for technicians to either replace the capacitors or install a hard-start kit.
  • Clanging: An alarming clang coming from either cabinet is likely from bent fan blades or another issue in the blower housing. Shut the AC off right away to avoid further damage, then call technicians for repairs.
  • Hissing: If you hear a hissing sound like high-pressure gas escaping from a line, that may be exactly what it is: gaseous refrigerant leaking through one of the copper refrigerant lines. Loss of refrigerant threatens the operation of the entire air conditioner, so call for technicians to find the leaks, seal them, and restore the proper refrigerant charge.
  • Mechanical grinding and shrieking: This is a motor warning you it is on the verge of burning out. The shrieking sound is the bearings in the motor wearing down. If you act quickly, technicians can replace the bearings and rescue the motor. In other cases, the damage to the motor may be too much and it will need to be replaced.

If you have an older air conditioner (up in the 10–15-year range or more) that is making more noise than it used to, a single repair probably won’t fix the trouble. You’ve got an AC that’s ready to be replaced with a brand-new one.

When you need air conditioning repair in Lawrenceville, GA, or anywhere in the Snellville area, we’re the people to call. We offer 24/7 emergency service, and we’ll see that you have your AC in the best shape possible. The sooner you get us on the job, the sooner you’ll have a cool house and few worries for the rest of the summer.

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