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Do I Really Need a Professional Plumber for (Fill in the Blank)?

woman-calling-plumberThis is a big question many homeowners ask themselves when faced with any type of plumbing trouble or plumbing project. For example, “Do I really need a professional plumber for…”

  • Fixing a leaking pipe
  • Putting in new pipes
  • Repairing a stuck garbage disposal
  • Dealing with an overflowing toilet
  • Unclogging an obstinate clog in the shower drain
  • Replacing an old toilet with a new one
  • Maintaining the sump pump

…and plenty more. You could make your own list twice as long as this one. 

We understand that homeowners want to save money where they can, and DIY work in some situations is not only feasible and economic, it can even be fun for a home-improvement enthusiast. 

But most plumbing jobs require a professional plumber in Lawrenceville, GA to handle them accurately, effectively, and safely. Below we’ll look at a few simple plumbing jobs you might be able to do yourself, and why we advise you to leave the rest to our licensed plumbers.

A Few Basic Plumbing Jobs

When you have a clogged drain in your house, you can use a plunger to attempt to clear it. (Make sure you have the right type; toilet plungers are different from sink plungers.) You can also use a hand-cranked drain snake to remove obstructions. If these methods don’t work, call a plumber. Do not use chemical drain “cleaners.”

For low water pressure at an individual faucet, unscrew the aerator to remove built-up silt. Low water pressure all around the house is a bigger problem that needs professionals.

There are several basic replacements you can do on your own, such as simple screw-in showerheads. Some leaky faucets can be fixed with a wrench. But when in doubt about any of these, call professionals.

Why You Need Professionals for Other Jobs

There are many reasons why it’s best to leave other plumbing jobs to experts. What might seem like a straightforward job will end up much more complicated than you expected, and require tools you probably don’t own and are far too expensive to purchase just for a single task. Replacing a toilet is a good example. It takes a lot of labor to remove the first toilet and then put the new one in its place, and amateur work risks leaking at the base. This is an extremely hazardous problem, since it will weaken the floor beneath the toilet, and you can guess where this might go. (Straight down.)

The precision professionals bring to the job is vital, because it prevents hidden leaks, high water pressure, and a host of other problems that may fly under your radar but continue to build into major plumbing fiascoes. Believe us, we’ve seen the results of DIY jobs that weren’t done right, and they aren’t pretty. 

Professional plumbers also protect your safety. Some plumbing work is potentially hazardous. Professional plumbers are not only trained and have the best tools, but they’re also insured against injury and damage to property, so you won’t have to worry. 

Finally, professional plumbers get jobs done faster. You can expect to have everything back to normal in a short time, and it only takes a call to our team.

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