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What Does a Technician Do During AC Maintenance?


You’ve heard it shared that AC maintenance is important for your home. You might even know the reasons why it is important. But we still have many people ask what actually happens during an AC maintenance appointment once a technician arrives at your home.

If you’re scheduling air conditioning maintenance in Covington, GA, our team wants you to feel informed and prepared. Anytime you pay for a service, you deserve to know what to expect. Keep reading to learn more about what our technicians do during AC maintenance. 

Assessing Your Indoor Unit

The first thing we want to do is a high-level inspection to see if there are any glaring problems. An example of this may be a dirty air filter. If you don’t have the right type of air filter for your AC system, or you don’t change the filter often enough, it can cause problems for your air conditioner. 

After that, we want to begin taking a closer look at individual components. After all, everything in your air conditioner has to work together to cool your home. We will tighten bolts and screws and look at belts and fan blades for any signs of bending or breaking. If we find anything that we feel needs to be replaced or repaired, we will talk to you about your options. 

For example, if a fan belt is stretched out and appears close to breaking, you may want to replace it now, instead of waiting for it to snap. We will also lubricate all of the gears that need to work together, so they can do so smoothly. If dust and dirt have built up, we will wipe these parts down to eliminate any friction. 

Assessing Your Outdoor Unit

Then it’s time to look at your outdoor unit. You want the foundation to remain strong and level. If we notice any signs that your unit is shifting, tilting, or sinking into the ground, we will address those problems now before they get worse. If you have pets that go outside, or a lot of rodent activity, we may suggest that you put up a small fence around your unit to protect it from any damage. 

We will also hose down your outside coils, because keeping them clean is a great way to improve your air conditioner’s efficiency. Dirty coils can block your air conditioner from being able to move heat outside, which adds wear and tear and also impacts the ability to cool your home quickly. 

Checking Your Thermostat

The last thing we do is take a look at your thermostat to make sure it is calibrated correctly and has an adequate battery charge. Your thermostat can have a huge impact on how well your air conditioner works. We want to make sure that these two different systems can communicate together and provide optimal air conditioning for your home. 

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