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Don’t Leave Your Heater With Lingering Repairs at the End of Winter!

furance-checked-by-technicianWe know you’re excited to enjoy the warm weather of spring, and it’s not far away now. In this excitement, you might ignore signs of trouble with your furnace, heat pump, or other central heating system. “So the furnace is making some odd sounds. No big deal. It will soon be warm and I can worry about getting it fixed later.”

Please don’t do this! Heating repair in Braselton, GA is always a service you need to arrange as soon as you detect something amiss with your central heater. We know how tempting it is to procrastinate with warm weather starting to show up, but you shouldn’t leave a repair issue unresolved at the end of the winter. We’ll explain why.

Winter weather isn’t finished with us yet!

March has notoriously unpredictable weather. It’s an axiom that March often comes in with warm weather and leaves with icy chills. It doesn’t always happen, but it happens often enough that you don’t want to take chances your heater will fail on you during the month. Allowing any repair to go unaddressed puts your heater at a higher risk of not working when you need it to—and you may still need it in March and April.

The heater may become unsafe

Issues with natural gas heating systems must never be neglected. Ignoring problem signs with these sorts of heaters is an easy way to allow them to become unsafe. Even a small issue may disguise trouble like a gas leak, bad ventilation, or cracks in a heat exchanger. You’ll keep your family safe with prompt help from heating pros.

The repair may become worse or lead to more repairs

The longer you leave a malfunction without repairs, the more likely the malfunction will get progressively worse. You may end up paying much more to have the repair done if you leave it for months in the future. Repair troubles can also cause a chain reaction of other problems in a heater, compounding those future bills.

The heater will waste power when it runs

The strain on a heater causes it to drain more energy when it runs and drive up utility bills. And few things cause more strain on a heating system than a malfunction. Each time you run your heater, it will cost you more to run than it should because of this unaddressed problem.

The lifespan of the heater will drop

The strain that causes power waste and further repair problems also reduces the heater’s service life. This neglect is similar to allowing the heater to run without annual maintenance, and the effect is the same: the system won’t live up to its estimated lifespan. Replacing a heater early is expensive, so please do what you can to avoid it. Prompt repairs are 100% worth it!

We have the HVAC pros who will make your repairs easy and fast! Call us and we’ll keep away heating problems now and in the future.

At Snellville Heating, Air and Plumbing, “Your comfort Is OUR Business!” Schedule your heating repairs with us—we’ll see they’re done quickly.

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