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What You Can Do If Your Air Conditioner Suddenly Fails

flushed-man-in-front-of-fanAn air conditioning system that either stops sending around cool air or stops sending around any air at all is a serious problem during a hot Georgia summer. You may be enjoying the day indoors, and then abruptly your home’s temperature is rising toward tropical heatwave levels.

What can you do? First, don’t get panicked—there is help available, and it’s not far away. You can call us for AC repair in Lawrenceville, GA and elsewhere in the Snellville, GA area and we’ll see you receive prompt service to have the trouble fixed. However, before you make the call, you can take a number of steps to see if you actually have a repair issue. Troubleshooting the AC may reveal a small error you can correct on your own.

Look over the thermostat settings

It sounds obvious, but people often overlook their thermostat when they’re dealing with a cooling emergency in their house. The thermostat may have been mis-set by someone else in your home, or it’s been placed into “fan only” mode. If the thermostat screen is blank, it may need its batteries replaced. If it doesn’t run on batteries, a blank screen is often a warning of a tripped limit switch, and this will need a technician to examine.

See if the circuit breaker has tripped

If the AC seems to have no power, check the house’s electrical panel for a tripped circuit breaker. If the breaker to the indoor unit has tripped, it may be the fault of the fan motor. Reset the breaker and try the AC again. If the breaker tripping continues to happen, it’s something that needs the attention of a repair expert. If the outdoor unit trips the breaker, don’t reset it, since this may be trouble with the compressor.

Change a clogged air filter

Clogged air filters are common sources of many AC problems, from overloaded motors to drops in airflow. See if your HVAC system has a clogged air filter and put in a fresh one if it is. (We strongly recommend changing the filter every one to three months to prevent future problems.)

Clear out the area around the condenser

A blocked condenser (the outside cabinet) cannot adequately release the heat moved from indoors, and this will stop the air conditioner from cooling off the house. Clear away brush, leaves, and other debris that may be blocking the condenser. You may also wish to clean it off with a hose (gently, don’t blast the hose into the cabinet).

If you tried all of that and you still have a non-working air conditioning system, it’s time to schedule a visit from our technicians. Please don’t open any part of the AC and try to tinker with it yourself. You won’t be able to effectively diagnose what’s wrong or make repairs. You may even void the warranty! You can trust us to find the problem and get your house cool once more.

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