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Top Reason to Call Professional Plumbers

hand-holding-wrenchYou have three options for taking care of plumbing jobs in your house, such as repairs or new installations:

  1. Try to do the job yourself with available tools and maybe some online tutorials.
  2. Look around for somebody who’ll do the job for cheap, but isn’t a professional (some guy who knows a guy…).
  3. Call licensed professional plumbers.

The correct choice is #3. We understand you might feel tempted to go for the first option if you think of yourself as handy around the house and you have a good set of wrenches. The second option may lure you with the promise the job can be done inexpensively. But both can lead to much more trouble—expensive, even dangerous trouble! Below are the reasons to always rely on a professional plumber in Athens, GA for any service you need in your home.

Professionals are insured

This is one of the most important distinctions between an amateur and a professional in the plumbing field. Professional plumbers must be able to show they have sufficient insurance to cover any injuries or damages that occur on-site during a job. If you have an amateur trying to do the work and they either hurt themselves or damage your house, you may be liable. With professionals, you know you’re protected from mishaps. 

Professionals do work safely

Expert plumbers face regular hazards on the job: they work in tight and confined spaces, do repetitive motions, and may encounter scalding hot water or objects launched by high pressure. They use equipment that can be harmful in unskilled hands. You don’t want to try any of these hazardous tasks yourself or let some amateur (who doesn’t have insurance) try them either.

Professionals have the proper tools and materials

That set of wrenches you got as a present may be top-notch, but the equipment professional plumbers have are not easily available to amateurs. They’re too expensive and they require specialized training to use. When you leave the job to the pros, you know the best equipment is being used on the job by people who know how to use it. 

Professionals can diagnose problems

A big part of handling a plumbing repair is accurately diagnosing the source of the problem. For example, drains clogging around the house can happen for different reasons, and taking a guess at the cause can end up wasting time or making the problem worse. Professionals understand how to determine the source of a problem so they can fix it fast and right. 

Professionals work quickly

Although they won’t rush a job, professional plumbers can get work done in a fraction of the time that a DIY or amateur attempt can. Sinking extra time into doing a plumbing job (which probably won’t even be completed correctly) will fritter away rapidly at any “savings” you might have enjoyed from going DIY or with a non-pro. 

Professionals keep your house up to code

Amateur work of any kind can result in a code violation for your house, which may void your homeowner’s warranty and decrease the home’s value. 

Call the plumbing pros who’ll get the job done right: Snellville Heating, Air and Plumbing. “Your comfort Is OUR Business!”

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