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Why Won’t My Heat Pump Start Heating?

vent-cover-in-ceilingThe greatest advantage of heat pumps (or one of the greatest; they have several advantages) is that they can work as both cooling and heating systems. As the colder weather settles in for winter, you’ll turn your heat pump over to heating mode for the first time in many months. It’s not difficult to do: you simply adjust the thermostat so the temperature setting is higher than the temperature in the house and the heat pump will automatically switch over to provide heat.

But … what if it doesn’t? That’s why we have this blog post: for those times when something isn’t right and the heat pump either stays in cooling mode or it’s only sending out room temperature air.

The Problem Might Be a Small One

Before you get worried about the operation of your heat pump, let’s see if there isn’t a simple explanation for what’s happening. First, check the thermostat carefully. If you have a programmable thermostat, it may have a set program that is overriding the temperatures that you want. Consult the manual for the thermostat to make sure. 

Then, check on the air filter for the heat pump. If you haven’t changed the air filter all through the summer, it’s probably clogged up so badly that not enough air is flowing through it to be properly heated.

Finally, check around the outside cabinet to make sure it isn’t obstructed. If the cabinet is blocked, it won’t be able to draw enough heat from the outside to warm the house.

The Bigger Problems

You’ve finished the basic troubleshooting steps. Now is when you’ll need to call up our technicians to find out what’s wrong so we can fix it. 

The most likely reason a heat pump becomes stuck in one mode and won’t switch over to the other is a broken reversing valve. This is a key component that allows a heat pump to work as both a cooling and heating system. The valve controls which direction the refrigerant moves after it leaves the compressor. If it goes one direction, it’s in cooling mode; if the other, it’s in heating mode. The valve can become stuck in position and prevent the heat pump from switching. This is usually a basic fix for technicians: they’ll simply replace the reversing valve.

Another common problem is that the thermostat has lost its connection to the reversing valve. The valve needs an electrical signal from one of the thermostat’s wires to make the change in modes. If this connection is lost, the rest of the heat pump’s components will turn on but it will remain in the same mode it was already in.

There are several other problems that can lead to the heat pump’s malfunction. You can rest assured that our technicians will accurately diagnose the trouble and make the targeted repair. We have serviced heat pumps in Snellville, GA, and the surrounding area since 1988.

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