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Are DIY Heat Pump Repairs OK to Make?

If something has been going wrong with your heat pump, you may be searching online to figure out what exactly the problem is. Many of these searches may return DIY solutions for addressing heat pump problems yourself. However, we advise against doing any work to your heat pump without a licensed HVAC professional.

Attempting your own heat pump repair in Snellville, GA, can leave you facing a variety of risks. You can keep reading to learn more about why do-it-yourself heat pump repairs are not a great idea. Then, give our team a call to schedule your professional heat pump service.

Safety Risks of DIY Repairs

We know how easy it is to find a solution to almost any problem on the internet. In fact, a lot of AC repair tutorials can seem like they offer in-depth knowledge that allows you to skip out on partnering with a professional. But there are so many safety risks that you simply cannot plan for. 

You face safety risks during the repair job and also after the job is complete. After all, you may think that you fix something when you really don’t. Alternatively, you may mess up something else in your attempt to fix your AC and leave additional risks with continued operation. 

The Potential of Making Things Worse

If you unintentionally make things worse inside your air conditioner, you may be left with an even more expensive repair bill. When you do, you have to give us a call anyway. We know that it is tempting to try and save money by completing repairs on your own. 

But if you do, there is a big chance that you won’t save any money at all, and will actually cost yourself more money instead. In fact, it’s even possible that you damage something that cannot be reversed so that entire components of your air conditioner have to be upgraded as a result.

Legal Risks of DIY Repairs

Aside from the problems listed above, it is illegal to work on an air conditioner without the proper credentials. Our HVAC technicians earn special licenses and certifications to be able to work on air conditioners, related electrical components, and even refrigerant lines.

Depending on the kind of HVAC system in your house, you could also be at risk for fines. If your HVAC system is connected to gas lines in your home, with a combination of a furnace and heat pump, then you could be doing illegal work that risks gas production for your municipality. This is another reason to avoid DIY work entirely.

It’s possible that a future inspection of your air conditioner could reveal that illegal work was completed without the guidance of an HVAC professional. This could mean that the work needs to be completely overhauled at that point. It could also void your manufacturer’s warranty.

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