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In the Gwinnett County and Newton County area, it’s common to find the mechanical sort of air filters in most people’s homes. These types of filters are probably what most people think of when they think about air cleaners or air purifiers. These sort of filters utilize pleated fibrous filters that are in line with what’s called an air handler. Dirt and other debris get trapped in the filter, and the cleaner air then returns into the home. Homeowners may choose different kinds of filters. There is another type of filter which catches particles from the air- however, this one doesn’t use a fibrous filter that physically snares debris from the air. This other sort is called an electronic (or electrostatic) air filter. Although it does have a fibrous sheet component, the fibers are plastic. These fibers become charged due to friction when air passes through them. It relates to physics and electricity.

We have all seen the “trick” where someone rubs a balloon on someone’s head, and it can then stick to the wall. This isn’t magic. This happens because the negatively charged balloon polarizes molecules in the wall, creating a positively charged surface. Hence, the balloon sticks to the wall. A similar principle applies to dirt flowing through an electrostatic filter. The friction charged fibers in the filter carry an electric charge, attracting ions in the surrounding air. These ions get caught in the fibers and are removed from the air supply. Electronic filters are excellent in terms of harvesting particles 1 micron or greater in size. This places them in rank with mechanical filters which are rated at a MERV rating of 12.

The electrostatic filter is fantastic in trapping household air contaminants like dust, danger, pollen, and mold. At Snellville Heating And Air, we help our customers determine which kind of air filter will work best for their specific needs. If you need any help in choosing which air filter is your best selection, then consult with Snellville Heating And Air to help you decide which option will work best for your family.