HVAC heating and air specialists.jpgIf you are a resident of Metro Atlanta, Georgia you can benefit from the latest development in duct sealing technology. This newest innovation could potentially save U.S. homeowners five billion dollars annually. Ducts that leak waste precious energy. The average household’s utility bill runs an additional $50-$70 each month due to seepage from the duct systems. There is a proper procedure for addressing the issue of leaky ducts. Firstly, make sure that your compressor, condenser, and heat exchanger are all in well running condition. This needs to be done prior to tackling the leaking ducts. If any of the above items need replacement, that should be accomplished first and foremost. After replacing (as necessary) the main components, the duct system has to be the correct size and dimensions for those components. By all means, get your ducts sealed as well. Just make sure that you consult a professional heating and air company or heating and air technician first and establish the correct order to replace/repair things in. The analogy that might be used is building a house. You can’t start with the roof and work your way down. The foundation comes first. In a similar way, your HVAC system needs to be assembled in the right order. The ducts need to be the right specifications in order to work optimally with the primary elements such as the air handler and the compressor. Here at Snellville Heating and Air in Walton, Cobb, and Fulton County, we assist our customers according to the specific needs of their residence. If you are interested in learning more about the new technology in duct sealing, please feel free to give us a call.