The idea of air conditioning goes back to ancient Rome. Archimedes and other great minds helped to create the elaborate aqueduct systems in Rome. Water was used to circulate through the walls of some houses in order to cool them down. In Persia during the middle ages, wind towers and cisterns were used to cool down buildings. During the Han dynasty in China, there was an inventor by the name of Ding Huan. He created an enormous rotary fan which had seven large wheels, and was powered by human energy (manual labor). And in 1758, Ben Franklin and John Hadley performed an experiment to test evaporation as a means to cool down structures. Using liquids such as alcohol and ether, they were able to cool down a mercury filled thermometer to 7 degrees Fahrenheit, while the temperature of the surrounding air was 65 degrees. The experiment was not entirely successful. Franklin commented that they had established a way to “freeze someone to death” on a hot summer’s day. The first modern air conditioner was created by Dr. Willis Haviland Carrier in 1902. Dr. Carrier’s apparatus was powered by electricity as opposed to chemicals or human intervention. This modern air conditioning unit not only could control ambient temperature, but humidity as well. Dr. Carrier was the founder of the Carrier Air Conditioning Company of America. His device has brought comfort and peace of mind to millions of people all over the globe. So whenever you click on the air conditioner on a broiling summer day, remember to thank Dr. Carrier for his fantastic innovation.

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