Snellville Heating Specialists In DeKalb, Cobb, And Clarke County Answers The Question, Why Does The Initial Air Coming Out Of The Furnace Feel Cold? .jpgFrom time to time, we get calls from customers in reference to adjusting air temperatures on their furnace. Many people don’t know how to adjust the thermostat. Actually, the emerging air from the furnace is consistently hot and kept at a specific temperature. As a general rule, there is no means of adjustment. There are times when tweaking can be done to make the air coming from the furnace warmer, but there can be complications that arise from that. If having a tune-up done, a technician can determine if the temps can be changed. When the furnace runs, a device known as a bimetallic strip inside of the thermostat indicates when the home has been warmed to a set number. Air lingering in the ducts cools off after the blower stops. At the right setting, the thermostat will re-engage the blower again. Hence, the air coming out will feel cool at first. Insulating the ducts can help prevent this cooling affect from occurring. Any gaps or holes in the ducts can permit cold air to seep in. It is not uncommon to find that many people’s duct systems have 30-40% leakage. This sort of problem can be identified and remedied through a professional assessment by one of our trained technicians. If you are worried about the cool air emerging from your vents, get in touch with a Snellville Georgia Heating and Air professional. We at Snellville Heating and Air in Walton County Georgia are ready to provide all of your heating and a/c needs. Give us a call today!