Naturally, anything that is expensive should be given thoughtful consideration before purchasing. Due to the strained economy, many people have turned to the internet for deals on heating supplies and equipment. Is this choice a wise one, or is it better to rely on a well known HVAC company? Decide for yourself after weighing the facts. If you choose to purchase a furnace on-line, let the buyer beware. Quite a number of manufacturers won’t warranty furnaces bought online. They are unable to guarantee that the items purchased will meet their standards for quality, and they do not wish to be liable if those items fail. In the absence of a warranty, homeowners run the risk of having to replace devices purchased over the internet. In addition, people may face the challenge of locating an HVAC company willing to install any device purchased on-line. Some companies have strict policies against such activity, and others won’t guarantee the equipment or labor. Since they will not be able to definitively identify the source or the quality of the equipment, most contractors are reluctant to put their company’s reputation on the line. If anything goes awry later on, the homeowner is liable. Customer service issues may also be involved. Reliable contractors shy away from the jobs that just require installation. They typically wish to perform an assessment for each individual home prior to recommending a particular product or service. This can help to make sure that customers do not purchase more or less than what is required, and also helps build long term relationships with companies. This is a mutually beneficial relationship between consumers and HVAC companies. If you are in need of a new furnace, call Snellville Heating and Air in DeKalb County, Georgia today.