For maximum performance and efficiency from your HVAC system, keep the filters changed regularly. Filters are inexpensive, so changing every month is not a costly task. Regarding windows, heavy drapes and curtains work well to insulate the house. On sunny winter days, open the blinds to allow solar radiation into the home. This will enable you to use artificial lighting less, which will also save you money on the utility bill. Using appliances such as oven and stove in your kitchen can actually slightly warm up the home’s interior. It’s simple thermodynamics-energy is conserved. However, don’t just use the stove or the dryer specifically for the purpose of heating the home– if you happen to need to use those appliances, it can add a little more heat to the home. Don’t use appliances as a substitute for your heating system. You will just have the incidental benefit of some heat generation if you happen to use those things. Additionally, make sure the home is insulated very well. Seal up any drafts around doors and windows. Snow is a somewhat rare thing to see in Metro Atlanta, Georgia, but if it ever snows, you can tell which of your neighbors have proper roof insulation by simply looking at snow accumulation on their roofs. The roofs that have snow on them are well insulated. The absence of insulation results in lost heat. Make sure that your vents are not obstructed. If you need help from a professional, call Snellville Heating and Air in Barrow County, Georgia for all of your heating and a/c needs!