Snellville Heating and AirMany citizens in Metro Atlanta are concerned about protecting the environment. Be that as it may, caring about such things as global warming and pollution is usually a secondary concern to keeping one’s family warm. Resources like gas, electricity, oil, and so forth are in limited supply. There are a few alternatives available for people to use to keep warm during winter. For example, some people utilize Geothermal heat. This takes advantage of the natural heat deep inside the Earth to help keep the home toasty. Coolant filled pipes run underneath the ground outside of the home, soaking up the subterranean warmth. The heated coolant then flows back into the home and radiates heat. This way of heating the house doesn’t require any other forms of energy. There are also solar heating systems. Solar heating systems can be either active or passive. The difference between these two involves the equipment to be used. Solar type heating systems function optimally in regions where sunlight is abundant throughout all seasons. Either of these methods can help lower heating expenses. If one of your priorities is going green, then let us at Snellville Heating and Air in Clark, Fulton, and Rockdale County help you decide which method will not only prevent the depletion of the ozone layer, but also, your wallet, as well.