Great developments have occurred recently with regard to heat pumps. Advancements in the technological arena have resulted in vast improvements in heat pump technology. Heat pumps can now offer more comfort, lower bills, and longer HVAC system lifespans. If you’re in the market to upgrade your HVAC system, hunt for high tech heat pumps with qualities that will maximize your investment. In order to select options that are right for you, you first need to understand how a heat pump functions. It basically moves heat from one place to another (this depends on what season it happens to be). Hence, the efficiency factor is much higher for a heat pump as opposed to a traditional furnace. Higher efficiency translates to optimum performance (and savings). There are a variety of different options that are available to you with heat pumps. One of them is a two speed compressor. This can lower wear and tear on the system, and will also see a reduction in the quantity of power used. Multi-speed or dual-speed motors work the air handler, and this can operate under different speeds, maximizing air flow. There is also the desuperheater, which scavenges excess heat and heats up the home’s water supply. Finally, a scroll compressor (also known as a high efficiency compressor) utilizes refrigerant more economically because of its increased surface area. In addition, it outlasts other compressors and is more quiet than others. Folks living in warmer climates like Georgia sometimes select heat pumps since they can just invest in one system to furnish both heating and cooling needs. In summer, the heat pumps are comparable to conventional a/c systems in terms of efficiency. One prominent benefit is the capability to produce conditioned air at a steady rate, which makes them more comfortable than traditional forced-air type systems. Hot weather is approaching fast this year. Contact Snellville Heating and Air in Newton County Georgia for any of your HVAC needs.