Gwinnett County Heating and Air Professionals, Tips On How To Conserve Energy And Save MoneyEveryone is affected by the state of the economy. Here are some helpful tips that can save you energy and money. Firstly, use your thermostat prudently. If you have a furnace, you can save as much as 5% on your heating bill for every degree that you lower your furnace. Change filters as needed. If in disrepair or outdated, replace your HVAC system appliances. Installing new ones will certainly increase efficiency, whether it is your boiler, furnace, or heat pump. Lower your hot water temperature if you don’t need scalding hot water (for use in the dishwasher, for instance). Keep the setting on 120 F. This technique will save you approximately 7-11% on water heating expenses. By insulating the first five feet of the water heater pipe, you can further extend the savings. Seal up any leaks in the home. It might seem as if there aren’t any leaks, but you can sometimes have them in places you wouldn’t ordinarily suspect. What sort of places are we speaking of? Some places that can conceal leaks are bathrooms, pipes, vents, electrical outlets, and spaces underneath sinks. Use common sense about conserving energy. If you aren’t in a room, turns the lights out. Unplug any superfluous devices not in use. Keep exhaust fans off when not in use, and keep your fireplace damper shut. When showering, cut down on the amount of time used. It will save both energy and water. Regarding dishwashers and washing machines, only run them when you have a full load. Use cold water instead of hot when washing clothes. After every use, clean out your dryer’s lint catcher. Peripheral electronic items such as chargers, televisions, stereos, and so forth should be unplugged when not in use. Start using CFL (compact fluorescent light) type bulbs instead of traditional ones. Low flow shower heads save you on the water bill. And finally, insulate your hot water tank with jacket insulation. For more tips, suggestions, and ideas on saving on your energy expenses, contact Snellville Heating and Air in Gwinnett County, Georgia.